Episode 2

Published on:

17th Aug 2020

Ep 2 - How to Attract the Best Tenants for Your Rental Property

We explore some of the fundamentals any landlord should consider when procuring a new tenant for their rental property. After having placed thousand of tenants with YesiRent Property Management, Joe and Travis give you their inside experience to bring in the best tenants! (Read More Here)

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About the Podcast

The Rental Property Hangover Show
The YesiRent Boys Discuss What Happens After You Invest in Real Estate? Tenants and Property Management
The Rental Property Hangover Show is a highly entertaining and enlightening show featuring the co-founders of YesiRent Property Management in Atlanta, Joe Watkins and Travis Cassell, the YesiRent Boys. We discuss topics ranging from how to invest in real estate to all of the particulars around how to maximize your investment through sound property management principles. Join us as we go on our journey of helping real estate investors from around the world collect rent, analyze deals and have a great time doing so.

Property management is anything but boring so why not have fun and learn how to maximize your investment from the YesiRent Boys who have flipped over 500 properties, managed over 1600 properties, and built over 200 new homes.

About your host

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Joe Watkins

Joe is a serial entrepreneur fascinated by how business works, how to make it better, how to use accounting and finance to make sound decisions, and diving deep into attracting, retaining, and leading great people in his organizations. The real estate space has been a great success on many fronts for Joe having flipped over 450 homes, renovated over 1000 properties, built over 200 new construction houses, and managed over 1600 single family rental properties in his various companies since 2006.

Before he became a real estate tycoon, Joe was in the restaurant business for over a decade having owned a Chick-fil-A restaurant. Along with business acumen, Joe is competitive in golf, writes and sings songs, enjoys long motorcycle trips, and loves loves loves his family - wife and 2 grown kids!